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Marisha Mathis

Licensed Clinician, Author, Spoken Word Artist, Blogger

LaTonya has been inspirational as I've watched her story unfold from public to one-on-one sector. She has exhibited a great deal of strength that I believe will help other people-especially women who don't feel that they have the voices or the courage. It's amazing to see her story of restoration and growth.

Rodney E. Harris

Assistant Professor
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Mrs. Allen has made a great contribution to our community as a wonderful and caring person. Her record of service speaks for itself. I have observed her first-hand; she is intelligent, versatile, diligent, resourceful, compassionate, determined, and creative.

Joy Forrest

Executive Director
Called to Peace Ministries

LaTonya is a walking miracle! Not only did she survive the unthinkable, but she overcame it and has become a powerful voice of hope and healing to those who have suffered the terrors of domestic abuse. I've worked with hundreds of abuse survivors over the past 2 decades, and LaTonya stands out as extraordinary. Her faith, courage, and resilience are an inspiration to all survivors, proving that past abuse, no matter how severe, does not have to define us or determine the future.

Gerald M. Baker


“As a 31-year veteran and Sheriff of the Wake County Sheriff’s Office, I followed the tragic circumstances LaTonya and her family endured at the hands of a serial domestic abuser. LaTonya’s story of strength and perseverance to survive will be invaluable as she helps others to break the chains of domestic abuse.”

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